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Hello Folks!  Pupdated 9/15/2020. We are not expecting any new fur babies in the near future. As soon as we know, we will Pupdate our site asap. Families on our waiting list will be notified 2 days after birth to make certain all are healthy before contacting. 
Covid virus has, like all of us, made us rethink our public practices. We are now forced to postpone all home visits to us & our fur babies for now due to it. We appreciate each "Like" we receive! All our fur parents photos are on our "Mom's & Daddy" page. We will be contacting families on our waiting list before we make them available to public. Please feel free to email/text your request to be added to our waiting list! When we have new fur babies available, we upload a new video weekly to our Youtube channel Donny Morgan/Puppyterriers "Like" & "Subscribe" to receive alerts as soon as we upload a fresh video. Y'all can see ALL videos on our Youtube channel "Donny Morgan/Puppyterriers" too. Check back for pupdated info on any of our fur babies. Like our website? Feel free to comment below in our site Poll. Thanks in advance! Any New fur babies available can be found on the "New Pups" page! We now have a channel on Youtube for our many new videos we create for new families & folks that are just curious. On Youtube, our channel name is "Donny Morgan/Puppyterriers". Feel free to copy/paste into the search browser @ the site, then click Subscribe to receive alerts for newest videos created by Puppyterriers.com Thank you to our new yorkie families for putting your trust in us & our fur babies!! Contact me for more info & to be added to our wait list or check back for more details as we Pupdate..Please feel free to contact me by call, text,email, Patricia for any questions..912.690.3770, puppyterriers@yahoo.com Once in a while, we may have an Adult to offer .We are inspected by AKC (American Kennel Club) Passed with flying colors!! (They actually use "Compliance or non-compliance, fines or shut ya' down by AKC standards/regulations. The AKC inspector stated that we are Very Compliant in our puppy system, the way we care for our babies, & our record keeping is excellent!) Yay! (excuse me) :-)
If you like, we do have many videos to look @ on our "new pups" page.Babies & adults are fed GRAIN FREE food, adults also receive veggies we mix up,& to make sure our fur babies get what their health needs. I am always happy to talk to folks about our wittle babies or any questions you may have! Videos & New photos on our "New Pups" page. All photos & videos you see are Ours.We take them & We post them. Unless on our Testimonials page & Past pups page, from our Yorkie families & their new baby additions. I send out "PUPDATES" to our new owners in real time. Scroll through our pages and See Videos & Photos on our New Pups page & see our Testimonials page too. We're constantly updating. Videos Galore! It's always tail-waggin' grrreat to have folks visit us. Contact me (Patricia) for more details by email-button above &/or call or text me @ (912)-690-3770. If i don't answer your inquiry quickly, i didn't receive it. My cell is linked to my computer, so either way, home or not, i will answer you ASAP!. I know how it is to wait....:-) We appreciate your taking time to research & consider us, so we want to be considerate right back. We all know how cell phones can be sometimes, lol. We accept deposits & required on our babies in order to hold for you, trying to be fair.:) We'll be Happy to add your name to our waiting list. For that perfect gift that keeps on giving year after year! We raise AKC Yorkshire Terriers only, it's just our preference. All fur babies can be Microchipped for Free, Their tails are docked @ 2 days old.. Puppyterriers adheres to a strict Vaccinations & Deworming Program. Several videos added of our wittle ones on the "New Pups" pg. Just to give you a better informed idea of how our babies are treated while with us. Our new pup family~owners have contributed & allowed us to add THEIR photos & a funny video of the families new yorkie pup! See for yourself, on the new "Our Past Pups" page. Don't forget to visit the testimonials page. Where our new family~owners have so graciously sent us their experience with us & our fur babies.

We here @ Puppyterriers put in 24/7 of devotion, Love, & quality social-time in each of our babies before they are released to you. We have males & females available Most times. All pups are introduced to pee pads while here. Seen/examined by our Veterinarian before releasing. Pups come to you with their AKC application Limited papers(no breeding) unless agreed upon in writing & additional fee for "Full rights", 1 yr. Health Guarantee, Contract, Yorkie Support, Health/Data Record, Yorkie Tip Sheets for an easy transition via our website,food, puppy book, and of course a grrreat start on Lovin' & Spoilin' ! Don't forget to checkout our Blog! We have tips & information from Health to Grooming & foods on our "Documents" page to assist!

  Our babies receive lots of socialization, along with swimming, during the warm months. We love play as much as they do! Who doesn't love playtime?!  Please stay tuned for more continuing Information. Feel free to sign our Guest Book below with comments.Videos provided on our site to show you how our babies are treated and live each day @ Puppyterriers.

Thanks & God Bless ~  
Donny & Patricia Morgan (912)-690-3770  
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All Puppyterriers babies are AKC registered
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 Coming Soon, our New website look! We are working on our new look & to present it to the public. We didn't want folks to think they are at the wrong site when they visit us, so here's to a fresh Puppyterriers site with in the near future. Thanks folks for your unending support in us & our fur babies and hope you will enjoy our new site when it's finished.  .