Happy New Year!

by Patricia Morgan on 01/01/19

Hi Folks!
 It's a brand new year & we @ Puppyterriers are playing with our Yorkie babies. Soo precious & sweet! It is 80' today, yeah, it's the south..:)  A new year gives us a chance to reflect too. I am reflecting on the new wonderful  families we have encountered in 2018. Their trust in us & our fur babies, when in a time of great distrust in the internet searching, scammers, hacks, ok..Thugs. Donny & I am always striving to make new connections, friendships as safe as can be. So, this is 1 reason why we create videos. To assist folks in learning a little about us, our fur babies, how they are treated Every day, what to expect, answer Any questions they may have without having a long wait time til reply. We Chews to do things, communications this way to stay on top & current with you all. I Pupdate our website constantly to keep you informed, to assist, & maybe educate a little. I am always learning myself. As i stated earlier, i am reflecting on how we can better assist ? I say, Titers! Yep, Titers. The term “titer” refers to the strength or concentration of a substance in a solution. When testing vaccine titers in dogs, a veterinarian takes a blood sample from a dog and has the blood tested for the presence and strength of the dog’s immunological response to a viral disease. Their immune system. To confirm If a vaccine/booster is needed. The best time to get this checked is a few weeks after their core vaccines are given. Vets used to have to get a blood sample, send to their lab unless they have an in clinic lab. Your Vet can tell you how his office/lab performs this.  There is a name for the Titers test, Vaccicheck which measures Hepatitis, Distempter, Parvo & takes 21 minutes for results. A simple blood test. In my research so far, prices vary, depending on your Vet. I just truly feel determined  to pass this on. Over vaccinating is getting out of hand & causing health issues. Allergies, vomiting, lethargy, etc.  We used to "follow the rules given" , "they know best", "Vaccinate to protect" .Hmm..I got tired of hearing these phrases. Soo, in My reflection i saw myself not happy. The more i looked deeper into that reflection, i got Mad! Then i educated myself on Vaccines, boosters, how often, BOOSTERS? okay, i guess you are getting my point. Titers testing. This led my hubby~ Donny, aka My personal Dog Whisperer & myself to start giving our fur babies half dose 1st vaccine depending on weight when we vaccinate babies @ 7 weeks of age. We got to thinking such a big vial for a tiny dog, these vials are to vaccinate anywhere from 1 lb. to 10 lb puppies. Way to much for a tiny puppy. This is why we vaccinate according to weight. It's a beginning.. It is my hope that fur babies that get sick sometimes, just may be from over vaccinating & this can be preventable. Disclaimer, As i state regularly, this is my opinion, i'm not a Vet, Always consult with your Vet. Whether you chews us & our fur babies or not is completely in your hands, like vaccinating decisions. We all want our fur babies to be healthy for years to come. Information & facts can be invaluable. We wish all a very Happy New Year!  
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Patricia & Donny Morgan   

Fall temps!

by Patricia Morgan on 10/30/18

Hi Folks!
  Well, it's Fall... Donny & I are enjoying these cool temps! Leaves falling, crisp days, seasonal decorating, baking, comfort food & a couple of our girls are growing their babies! Yep, i wonder if season changes had anything to do with it? :) Hmm... our fur babies are really enjoying this cool weather, & US! I'm already thinking about decorating for Christmas. I just bypassed Halloween & Thanksgiving Haa.. apparently, it's the way i roll.. :) Since you are here look within all our pages for  many videos, pix, Testimonials, faq page, Documents page, etc..I'm available for Any questions you may have. I am on my way out to rake up some leaves.
Y'all have a Grrreat day out there Folks!
Patricia &  Donny/Puppyterriers.com
"God Bless"


by Patricia Morgan on 07/06/18

Hi Folks!
  Summer is in full swing here in Georgia! :) Let's all try to protect our fur babies from extreme temps,& summertime safety since they feel it too! :)
   So our yorkie girls, Amy & Dolly have been enjoying summer bigtime!. They both got bizzee and now we are hopefully expecting tiny pitter-patter of new fur babies to begin arriving about July 9th or so(Mother Nature is the boss here! LOL). Hope y'all are totally enjoying this summer weather?! Check back for Pupdates on these births. We are keeping it Cool & hitting the Pool whenever we can, so can our fur babies! Donny has built them a Pool w/a deck, full size umbrella, & toys. They are just enjoying it to the Max! Either way, they are staying cool during these Hot daze of Summer. Inside or out, Cool is THE word here. Oh yea', music to nap by is top priority as a got to, for our precious fur babies here @ Puppyterriers. After all...they deserve the Best Donny & I can provide, since they ARE the Best! We appreciate your flipping through our pages, learning about us & our Yorkie beauties. Whether it be Puppyterriers or some other breeders, Please, do your research. Make certain they are for Real, ask for photos, names, addresses, Vet references that you can check for yourself, after all, this is a Lifetime endeavour of Love. You always can move on, take your time to choose carefully & confidently.
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Thanks for visiting Yorkie website, i'll bet you will locate interesting items within our pages.
Patricia & Donny Morgan/Puppyterriers.com Breeders of AKC Yorkies      


by Patricia Morgan on 06/23/17

Hello Folks!
 Summer time is definitely here! I can tell by my dropping down the temp on our thermostat, our babies are panting more, starting to hit the puppy pool, Some just won't get out! Drinking more Tea, us hitting our pool too! Ahh... summer! Cuttin grass....16 acres here. Crawling to my pool after & Not wanting to get out either. lol Our Abigail is feeling the weather change, she's growing with fur babies! Hopefully due in July 13th. Believe it or not, female dogs go through(pardon the pun) bitch stage while pregnant. She's just wonderful to myself & Donny, but the other girls are not taking any chances..keeping their distance, not giving her side glances & bowing to her every whim. Too fuuny! So, Queen Abigail it is for now. hope yáll are staying cool out there!? Feel free to check out our pages within with many videos, pix, info, faq, etc...
Patricia @ Puppyterriers.com 

Spring has begun!!

by Patricia Morgan on 03/07/17

Hello Folks!
  Well,looks like spring is blooming early this year. Our trees are showing blooms & plants are sprouting their flower buds too! Seems early to me? Oh well, here @ Puppyterriers our fur babies are enjoying this springtime weather by getting to play outside. We are very happy for them too. :) Sometimes, we have a puppy that his ears are not standing yet, or one has a mind of it's own, by not standing & the other is up! So here we tape up the ears in question to assist the baby in standing. Donny & I have created a "How to" video on just this. We show each step. Just 2 minutes long. We hope this can assist you & your fur baby, if you need it? Here is the link to view it.
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Donny & Patricia Morgan/Puppyterriers.com

Getting Ready!

by Patricia Morgan on 01/19/17

Hello Folks!
  Here @ Puppyterriers we are already getting ready for the spring season. Hubby Donny(my personal dog whisperer) is already building a new puppy swimming pool between cold & rainy days here. our little fur babies are already enjoying their new puppy playground #4 Bouncing around into each other, learning that they can growl which leads to tiny barks! Soo CUTE! Then..jumping into each other is inevitable. Rolling around after discovering their legs aren't quite ready for speed & agility. Fumbling into each other, walls,the drinking well. Too funny! Ahh..the precious babies are growing..& we are teaching them not to well, practice their fighting skills on each other. :).  Puppy manners means a lot to me. Just the basics of decorem. Yorkies are very smart & quick to catch on. However, their stubborness gets in the way sometimes. This is where manners steps in. I don't care what puppy is trying to Not learn, he's going to learn it right! Are y'all confused yet? lol okay.. i am talking about whining, running away from lessons, head down when pup should be confident. head up. This all makes for puppy manners & confident fur baby.
overdoing the mock fighting skills. Not allowed. We are helping puppy develop basic skills early on to protect puppy family, & others in the future to build on & remember. Sometimes, the stubborness wins out..briefly, then we start over. Oh, did i forget? Donny & I are stubborn Too! :) Getting the babies ready for their new families to enjoy their new yorkie baby a little easier. Socialization, an important part of proactive development in a fur babies life. Hands on..literally, is Key! Everyday, without fail. like most human babies, puppies Need this to grow, prosper, properly. I always tell our new yorkie families, If You don't show them, the little rascals Will make up their Own rules from a blank slate & do whatever they want. Unless, being proactive steps in. If not... This eventually turns into chaos in the home, just like children. Patience, persistence, & big rewards for it. Makes for a lifetime of such enjoyable love & fun for both the family & fur baby. In closing, Getting Ready is not just for us here @ Puppyterriers, but all of us, puppies & humans alike. We hope y'all have a grrreat day out there!! Check out all the faq we have to offer to assist you in learning about what & why this gorgeous breed needs to know.
Patricia @ Puppyterriers.com     


by Patricia Morgan on 12/27/16

Hello Folks! With the coming New year, we Paws to say that we our new fur babies have Arrived!! 4 of our precious girls got bizzee & blessed us with beautiful, sweet, adorable babies that started on Dec. 16th. Check out our website on the "New Pups" page http://puppyterriers.homestead.com/NewPups.html?_=1482884236998 to see a few sample pix i took of them, including one of our new mama's, Dolly. All of our girls can be seen on the " Mom's & Daddy" page. So, speaking of NEW, we wanted to say, HAPPY NEW YEAR & hope you all have a prosperous, healthy one!
Patricia & Donny Morgan @ Puppyterriers.com

T-day and Christmas @ Puppyterriers

by Patricia Morgan on 11/25/16

Hello Folks!
 Well, Thanksgiving has just past & so has my waistline! As i'm getting ready to leave for yet another fun trip(not) to town for Christmas items, i am reminded of my Reba. Our 1st yorkie girl. I slip into my shoes(don't cha' just love slip ons!:)
Anywho, i Feel eyes are on me...it's Reba! My little shotgun rider. She knows when i go for my shoes it's all out time for her to put on her pity act. Can i go, Can i go, I hesitate to turn around, knowing she's quietly sitting there waiting for me to See her. Brown shiny eyes staring @ me, waiting for her cue that she's going with me. Not on this trip precious. We both have this thing when i have to leave her home, i tell her.."I'll be back shortly". Just keywords to let her know I Will. There's pacing back & forth, shaking the head, grunting. Reba's little routine of PLEEEEAZEE!! "No baby, this time you have to stay". Here it comes, tail drops, head drops, ears go back..pitiful display of rejection. Ohh, she's Good! She's been Practicing this for Years. I don't give in. If i give in, then she Will remember it & use it against me later. Soo smart & cunning. So, i give her kisses & hugs, say, I'll be back shortly" & out the door i go, feeling bad cause i left her but knowing she's better off staying home this trip. I do have a point...Routine! Dogs live by it. Sticking to your guns when fur baby is looking patheticly sad. Gotta do it, if we don't, then before you know it, Fur baby becomes the boss of the house & driving you crazy! So, when having to leave precious @ home, get a routine going. It does help them to know you will be back & they will be waiting for you. All happy again, after huggin' & kisses to welcome you back, it's off to find that toy she lost yesterday, all is well again in her world. Ahh...fur babies...one of the best Christmas presents that keeps on giving of themselves for years to come!
Merry Christmas Folks!!
Patricia & Donny(my personal dog whisperer) Morgan :-)

Thank You!!

by Patricia Morgan on 03/19/16

Hello Folks!
  I just wanted to say thank you to our new yorkie families & new friends we have made so far & for all your support & adopting our precious fur babies! Spring is finally here! Our yorkie babies are outside having a ball, or maybe deflating a few with their teeth?? :) So glad they can enjoy the weather again. They romp, tackle, slap each other & that's just in their sleep. Hope you are all looking forward to what our girls have for us in the near future, as much as we are?! Such a wonderful breed indeed, smart, thinking, sweet natured, beautiful, hypoallergenic creatures full of love from day one!
Donny & Patricia / Puppyterriers  

Fur babies & New familes..

by Patricia Morgan on 01/17/16

Hello there Folks!
  Our newest fur babies all have new families as of January 16th! Wanted to just say Thank you for choosing us and adding our puppies to your family!! We also have 2 of our girls coming due beginning on Feb. 2nd! Keep checking back or contact me.
We completely understand this day & time to be shopping online could lead to disaster & unsuspecting good folks looking for their forever yorkie baby can still be scammed, even with the best intentions & research we all do, scammmers..no, let's call them what they are, Thieves! We, Donny & I are always trying to get ahead of them & blocking @ every turn. It is a constant reality, so this is one of the reasons why we are posting, uploading our own videos, and photos. I don't want to go into more detail, because you know who might be reading this too!  However, here's a tip or two, ask if photos are recent? Who's the parents? Never send full amount of puppy upfront,(unless you know the breeder &/or reputation). Ask, ask, ask! If a breeder doesn't have a few minutes to talk to you about their puppies that they advertised, then you shouldn't waste your valuable time trying to contact them. I get it...we are all busy, but it only takes a couple of minutes to reply or just to say that they will be in contact back to you shortly...as long as the internet hold out! :) So, i say that if you contact me & i don't reply in reasonable time, i am away from my phone, computer, no reception @ the moment, nature called :). I will call/text/email you back! Just me saying my thoughts here.
Thanks again!
Patricia Morgan / Puppyterriers
OH! 912.690.3770 :)     

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