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by Patricia Morgan on 06/23/17

Hello Folks!
 Summer time is definitely here! I can tell by my dropping down the temp on our thermostat, our babies are panting more, starting to hit the puppy pool, Some just won't get out! Drinking more Tea, us hitting our pool too! Ahh... summer! Cuttin grass....16 acres here. Crawling to my pool after & Not wanting to get out either. lol Our Abigail is feeling the weather change, she's growing with fur babies! Hopefully due in July 13th. Believe it or not, female dogs go through(pardon the pun) bitch stage while pregnant. She's just wonderful to myself & Donny, but the other girls are not taking any chances..keeping their distance, not giving her side glances & bowing to her every whim. Too fuuny! So, Queen Abigail it is for now. hope yáll are staying cool out there!? Feel free to check out our pages within with many videos, pix, info, faq, etc...
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