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Fall..is ...Coming!

by Patricia Morgan on 08/29/19

Hi Folks!
         as i watch my hubby~ Donny clean our pool probably for the last time this season, i reminisce about the many Hot days & muggy nights we have spent in it. Just floating around & mostly talking about ..what else..our precious fur babies. They have weathered through it pretty good too. Our a/c has been working overtime, as y'all well know in your own homes. I was telling Donny about one of our girls~Amy. She Loves the water! Doesn't matter the weather, she's in the water trough. Kinda weird since she is the Only one that has a shaking issue with thunder?! I hug her, rock her, Massage Her, the thunder shirt! To no avail. I am no fan of giving meds/chemicals to our fur babies, so we, Amy & I take it one storm at a time. She's a trooper! Well, as she keeps getting in the water, i decided to check her out. Brought out my trusty stethascope & examined her from her adorable nose to her cute tiny tail. Heart, lungs, eyes, demeanor, legs, ( maybe thinking possible arthritis), feel her entire body. Nothing! She just loves the water. Amy is such a high energy girl, maybe she's just cooling off from burning calories? Sweet fur baby of mine. This leads me to the coming weather changes of fall. This doesn't matter to her. Funny girl. Always on the Go! My favorite time of the year...Fall! Canging colors, bon fires, hoodies, boots, cold air on my face, doing odd jobs outside that was too hot for summer, & our girls running more staying cool. Fall! I AM Waiting...here's hoping you folks have a grrreat day out there, looking for fall!
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Patricia Morgan
"God Bless"
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