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Getting Ready!

by Patricia Morgan on 01/19/17

Hello Folks!
  Here @ Puppyterriers we are already getting ready for the spring season. Hubby Donny(my personal dog whisperer) is already building a new puppy swimming pool between cold & rainy days here. our little fur babies are already enjoying their new puppy playground #4 Bouncing around into each other, learning that they can growl which leads to tiny barks! Soo CUTE! Then..jumping into each other is inevitable. Rolling around after discovering their legs aren't quite ready for speed & agility. Fumbling into each other, walls,the drinking well. Too funny! Ahh..the precious babies are growing..& we are teaching them not to well, practice their fighting skills on each other. :).  Puppy manners means a lot to me. Just the basics of decorem. Yorkies are very smart & quick to catch on. However, their stubborness gets in the way sometimes. This is where manners steps in. I don't care what puppy is trying to Not learn, he's going to learn it right! Are y'all confused yet? lol okay.. i am talking about whining, running away from lessons, head down when pup should be confident. head up. This all makes for puppy manners & confident fur baby.
overdoing the mock fighting skills. Not allowed. We are helping puppy develop basic skills early on to protect puppy family, & others in the future to build on & remember. Sometimes, the stubborness wins out..briefly, then we start over. Oh, did i forget? Donny & I are stubborn Too! :) Getting the babies ready for their new families to enjoy their new yorkie baby a little easier. Socialization, an important part of proactive development in a fur babies life. Hands on..literally, is Key! Everyday, without fail. like most human babies, puppies Need this to grow, prosper, properly. I always tell our new yorkie families, If You don't show them, the little rascals Will make up their Own rules from a blank slate & do whatever they want. Unless, being proactive steps in. If not... This eventually turns into chaos in the home, just like children. Patience, persistence, & big rewards for it. Makes for a lifetime of such enjoyable love & fun for both the family & fur baby. In closing, Getting Ready is not just for us here @ Puppyterriers, but all of us, puppies & humans alike. We hope y'all have a grrreat day out there!! Check out all the faq we have to offer to assist you in learning about what & why this gorgeous breed needs to know.
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