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Happy New Year!

by Patricia Morgan on 01/01/19

Hi Folks!
 It's a brand new year & we @ Puppyterriers are playing with our Yorkie babies. Soo precious & sweet! It is 80' today, yeah, it's the south..:)  A new year gives us a chance to reflect too. I am reflecting on the new wonderful  families we have encountered in 2018. Their trust in us & our fur babies, when in a time of great distrust in the internet searching, scammers, hacks, ok..Thugs. Donny & I am always striving to make new connections, friendships as safe as can be. So, this is 1 reason why we create videos. To assist folks in learning a little about us, our fur babies, how they are treated Every day, what to expect, answer Any questions they may have without having a long wait time til reply. We Chews to do things, communications this way to stay on top & current with you all. I Pupdate our website constantly to keep you informed, to assist, & maybe educate a little. I am always learning myself. As i stated earlier, i am reflecting on how we can better assist ? I say, Titers! Yep, Titers. The term “titer” refers to the strength or concentration of a substance in a solution. When testing vaccine titers in dogs, a veterinarian takes a blood sample from a dog and has the blood tested for the presence and strength of the dog’s immunological response to a viral disease. Their immune system. To confirm If a vaccine/booster is needed. The best time to get this checked is a few weeks after their core vaccines are given. Vets used to have to get a blood sample, send to their lab unless they have an in clinic lab. Your Vet can tell you how his office/lab performs this.  There is a name for the Titers test, Vaccicheck which measures Hepatitis, Distempter, Parvo & takes 21 minutes for results. A simple blood test. In my research so far, prices vary, depending on your Vet. I just truly feel determined  to pass this on. Over vaccinating is getting out of hand & causing health issues. Allergies, vomiting, lethargy, etc.  We used to "follow the rules given" , "they know best", "Vaccinate to protect" .Hmm..I got tired of hearing these phrases. Soo, in My reflection i saw myself not happy. The more i looked deeper into that reflection, i got Mad! Then i educated myself on Vaccines, boosters, how often, BOOSTERS? okay, i guess you are getting my point. Titers testing. This led my hubby~ Donny, aka My personal Dog Whisperer & myself to start giving our fur babies half dose 1st vaccine depending on weight when we vaccinate babies @ 7 weeks of age. We got to thinking such a big vial for a tiny dog, these vials are to vaccinate anywhere from 1 lb. to 10 lb puppies. Way to much for a tiny puppy. This is why we vaccinate according to weight. It's a beginning.. It is my hope that fur babies that get sick sometimes, just may be from over vaccinating & this can be preventable. Disclaimer, As i state regularly, this is my opinion, i'm not a Vet, Always consult with your Vet. Whether you chews us & our fur babies or not is completely in your hands, like vaccinating decisions. We all want our fur babies to be healthy for years to come. Information & facts can be invaluable. We wish all a very Happy New Year!  
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Patricia & Donny Morgan   

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