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by Patricia Morgan on 07/06/18

Hi Folks!
  Summer is in full swing here in Georgia! :) Let's all try to protect our fur babies from extreme temps,& summertime safety since they feel it too! :)
   So our yorkie girls, Amy & Dolly have been enjoying summer bigtime!. They both got bizzee and now we are hopefully expecting tiny pitter-patter of new fur babies to begin arriving about July 9th or so(Mother Nature is the boss here! LOL). Hope y'all are totally enjoying this summer weather?! Check back for Pupdates on these births. We are keeping it Cool & hitting the Pool whenever we can, so can our fur babies! Donny has built them a Pool w/a deck, full size umbrella, & toys. They are just enjoying it to the Max! Either way, they are staying cool during these Hot daze of Summer. Inside or out, Cool is THE word here. Oh yea', music to nap by is top priority as a got to, for our precious fur babies here @ Puppyterriers. After all...they deserve the Best Donny & I can provide, since they ARE the Best! We appreciate your flipping through our pages, learning about us & our Yorkie beauties. Whether it be Puppyterriers or some other breeders, Please, do your research. Make certain they are for Real, ask for photos, names, addresses, Vet references that you can check for yourself, after all, this is a Lifetime endeavour of Love. You always can move on, take your time to choose carefully & confidently.
Hope y'all are having a blast as we are here this summer! Feel free to give us a "LIKE" & by the way, we're on Facebook too! You can contact me~Patricia via email,, Text/call me 912.690.3770 for Any questions you may have. I try to be vigilent in replying to all. If you don't get a reply, i didn't receive it. Internet can be tricky & down right uncooperative sometimes. :) Go figure...Choose another of my contact options if the 1st one didn't get a reply.
Thanks for visiting Yorkie website, i'll bet you will locate interesting items within our pages.
Patricia & Donny Morgan/ Breeders of AKC Yorkies      

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