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T-day and Christmas @ Puppyterriers

by Patricia Morgan on 11/25/16

Hello Folks!
 Well, Thanksgiving has just past & so has my waistline! As i'm getting ready to leave for yet another fun trip(not) to town for Christmas items, i am reminded of my Reba. Our 1st yorkie girl. I slip into my shoes(don't cha' just love slip ons!:)
Anywho, i Feel eyes are on me...it's Reba! My little shotgun rider. She knows when i go for my shoes it's all out time for her to put on her pity act. Can i go, Can i go, I hesitate to turn around, knowing she's quietly sitting there waiting for me to See her. Brown shiny eyes staring @ me, waiting for her cue that she's going with me. Not on this trip precious. We both have this thing when i have to leave her home, i tell her.."I'll be back shortly". Just keywords to let her know I Will. There's pacing back & forth, shaking the head, grunting. Reba's little routine of PLEEEEAZEE!! "No baby, this time you have to stay". Here it comes, tail drops, head drops, ears go back..pitiful display of rejection. Ohh, she's Good! She's been Practicing this for Years. I don't give in. If i give in, then she Will remember it & use it against me later. Soo smart & cunning. So, i give her kisses & hugs, say, I'll be back shortly" & out the door i go, feeling bad cause i left her but knowing she's better off staying home this trip. I do have a point...Routine! Dogs live by it. Sticking to your guns when fur baby is looking patheticly sad. Gotta do it, if we don't, then before you know it, Fur baby becomes the boss of the house & driving you crazy! So, when having to leave precious @ home, get a routine going. It does help them to know you will be back & they will be waiting for you. All happy again, after huggin' & kisses to welcome you back, it's off to find that toy she lost yesterday, all is well again in her world. Ahh...fur babies...one of the best Christmas presents that keeps on giving of themselves for years to come!
Merry Christmas Folks!!
Patricia & Donny(my personal dog whisperer) Morgan :-)

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