Fur babies & New familes..

by Patricia Morgan on 01/17/16

Hello there Folks!
  Our newest fur babies all have new families as of January 16th! Wanted to just say Thank you for choosing us and adding our puppies to your family!! We also have 2 of our girls coming due beginning on Feb. 2nd! Keep checking back or contact me.
We completely understand this day & time to be shopping online could lead to disaster & unsuspecting good folks looking for their forever yorkie baby can still be scammed, even with the best intentions & research we all do, scammmers..no, let's call them what they are, Thieves! We, Donny & I are always trying to get ahead of them & blocking @ every turn. It is a constant reality, so this is one of the reasons why we are posting, uploading our own videos, and photos. I don't want to go into more detail, because you know who might be reading this too!  However, here's a tip or two, ask if photos are recent? Who's the parents? Never send full amount of puppy upfront,(unless you know the breeder &/or reputation). Ask, ask, ask! If a breeder doesn't have a few minutes to talk to you about their puppies that they advertised, then you shouldn't waste your valuable time trying to contact them. I get it...we are all busy, but it only takes a couple of minutes to reply or just to say that they will be in contact back to you shortly...as long as the internet hold out! :) So, i say that if you contact me & i don't reply in reasonable time, i am away from my phone, computer, no reception @ the moment, nature called :). I will call/text/email you back! Just me saying my thoughts here.
Thanks again!
Patricia Morgan / Puppyterriers
OH! 912.690.3770 :)     

Happy New Year!

by Patricia Morgan on 01/09/16

Happy New Year!
  Here @ Puppyterriers, we are pretty busy with our new fur babies! Whew! :)
As of today, January 9th, our Sissy girl has 2 adorable boys available for deposit. Her babies & Abby's babies are transitioning naturally from mama's milk to Mush. Ooo...what a mess they can make! But it is soo cute as they are scooping it up & enjoying every morsel. They even have a snack for later, by having it in their coat, belly, face, & not to forget my face! We Love it! The interaction...not the Mush! :)  So, as we are transitioning into this new year of 2016, so are our new fur babies. Precious & growing like a very small weed. Hmm...sounds like spring?? :) Feel free to checkout our other pages within.
We wish y'all a very Happy New Year folks!
Donny & Patricia / Puppyterriers


by Patricia Morgan on 12/22/15

Hi Folks!
  It sure is Grrreat to see y'all visiting us & enjoying our website! It's Christmas time & a wonderful time it is here @ Puppyterriers. We have 2 New bunches of lovin" fur babies arrive on December 4th & 10th. So, i would like to paws to say Thank you to you all for a Puptastic year of new friends, families, & may you always be greeted by a wet nose, waggin' tail, & many kisses! Check out our new fur babies on our New pups page within. You'll be hoppin' happy you did.
Merry Christmas Folks!
Donny, Patricia, & all our fur babies here!


by Patricia Morgan on 09/07/15

Hello Folks!
  I do believe i saw a few leaves starting to change? Ohh i hope soo! My favorite time of the year. :) Change is inevitable. We all know this. So in keeping with that, our daily routine here @ Puppyterriers doesn't change much, but it does some. Like, our new mama girls, Reba & Bella. They feed their new babies very well, clean up after them & keep them shiny cute! However, i see that they are ever so slightly quicker in gettin' outta there for some Me time. But! Whenever there is a little squeal, whine, a very tiny bark(lol) they are on top of it. I can almost hear them thinking.....What now? I fed you , cleaned you, played with you. Whhaaatt do you Want?? lol Then, outta there again. Too funny! Hey! You out there with kids...Sound familiar?? :) I just had to say it. Changes are taking place every day here. Here's one. Reba had to leave the babies for some water & a walk. Well, on her way out of the bed, she was dragging a line of babies With her! That's 7 babies i am talking about here! They had a bear hold on her & weren't done eating. She had to stand there & take a few steps before they started dropping off! A change from the babies letting go as soon as she stood up a week ago.
Our new fur babies are using the pee pad (YAY!!) excuse me. Walking, trying out a bark , interacting with each other...change, i Do enjoy it!!
 Changes...might as well enjoy them, because they will always be around the corner sneaking up in us!
Have a question or 5? Give me a holler' , text, &/or email anytime. :)
Have a Grrreat day out there folks!
Donny &Patricia @ Puppyterriers.com 

New Arrivals!

by Patricia Morgan on 08/24/15

Hello Folks!
  Well, our Reba girl has had her fur babies! 5 precious, 2 sweet girls! She is a bizzee mom right now & doing wonderfully @ it. Whenever there is a squeal, she's on top of it . :) Such an attentive girl! Feel free to contact me anytime & scan over our pages.
Patricia @ Puppyterriers

Puppies! Puppies!

by Patricia Morgan on 06/04/15

Hello Folks!

  Well...our girls have been very busy with their new fur babies here! Which makes us busier too. We soo enjoy our babies, all of them! I want to Thank all our new and repeat families that gave our past fur babies wonderful, loving homes! We appreciate all of you!!


Patricia & Donny Morgan


Fur babies have Arrived!!

by Patricia Morgan on 04/13/15

Hello Folks!
  We here @ Puppyterriers are soo pleased to announce the arrival of our new fur babies ! Our Amy girl had them on April 10th & mom & babies are doing terrrrific! Checkout a sample photo of our tiny ones on the "New Pups" page. We are also expecting more babies about April 29th from our Abby girl! I'll keep y'all posted & Pupdated on her.
Have a Grrreat day out there!

SPRING has Sprung...BIGTIME!

by Patricia Morgan on 03/18/15

Hello Folks!
  Has Spring visited your part of the country yet?? Well...it HAS here! Ahh...choo, Spring! A time of renewal, color, warm temps,& Very playful yorkies here @ Puppyterriers.com!! Our yorkie girls have had a talk...supposedly, i wasn't invited. Because we have 2 girls pregnant, Amy & Abby & 1 girl Dolly is seriously dating our CH. sired Male~Harley! Apparently 3 lbs. of Awesome. Yes, a happy boy these days. So, y'all keep checking back, contact me &/or click us to your "Favorites" for our Pupdates!
Have a Grrreat day out there!
Patricia & Donny 

Weather or Not ! :-)

by Patricia Morgan on 02/27/15

Hello Folks!
  The questions these days seems to be mainly...Did you get Snow? Has it snowed yet where you are?? Well, i am here to tell ya' I am STILL Looking for some Snow?! :-) We live in Beautiful Georgia. We don't expect much snow here, heck..even Atlanta got some!! Three hours north of us. Rain..Yes! We have had our share & more. Wearing rain boots Every day! Hey, i like my boots,but i'd rather be using them for Snow! Can ya' relate? Speaking of relate...I relate the weather to our fur babies. They all enjoy the outdoors very much!! Even w/sweaters on, but that's not gonna keep em' dry. I just don't like it when they can't go out to play. :(  Soo... let's just say that i have several yorkies thinking i'm a fence...Alot! A couple think i'm a rooftop to perch on. Mind you, i am not complaining about our babies using me as a jungle jim, just wish they had more play time outdoors. Weather or not, Donny & I Love our fur babies!!
Hoping to have some New babies coming soon... :-)
Til next vent time....
Hope you are having a Grrreat day out there !!

Happy New Year!!

by Patricia Morgan on 01/02/15

 Hello Folks!
  We want to wish you all a very Happy New Year! We wish you have a contented, peaceful, Laughter, prosperous filled year. Our yorkie furbabies must be feelin' it. They are contented, happy, funny, & just plain full of love. Our girl~Reba is a Grrreat example of this. She had her some new furbabies, so she is Definitely a happy camper! Constantly cleaning, feeding, tending to every need. One baby will sound a Eee..& she's right there. Such a wonderful mama. Check em' all out on our "New Pups" page! Hey! Have you seen our "Documents" page? It can assist you in many thoughts you may have. As always, give me a holler' if i can answer ANY questions you may have about our fur babies!
Patricia & Donny Morgan / Puppyterriers.com

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