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Please find below, documents we created to assist our new families and visiting folks interested in us & our practices, and what we have to offer! You will first see our contract, It is the same contract we sign with our new families on release day unless things change. Ask us about it.  Next you'll see the titles of additional documents that you are welcome to read and possibly assist you in deciding on the Yorkie breed! Just click on the title & it will open to read. Don't forget to look @ our "Yorkie Needs List" below! I hope you all enjoy our informational documents and come away with some new insight! 
                                           As  ALWAYS consult your Veterinarian! 

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                                           Sales Agreement / Contract

The puppy purchase price and shipping fees are to be paid before flight scheduled.
Puppy can be picked up in person @ our home when the distance is convenient for the buyer, unless other arrangements have been made. Payment in full is required to seller(s) before transfer of puppy, AKC papers to buyer. We can only accept Cash in person and/or, Paypal. 
Our puppies are seen by our Veterinarian at 7 weeks of age and deemed healthy. Puppy must be seen by buyers Veterinarian within 48 hours of purchase, in order for guarantees to be in effect. Not including Sunday. A detailed copy/proof of Vet. report is required to be sent to seller(s) via email/fax, if a genetic health issue is discovered. Puppy comes with a 1 year health guarantee against genetic health directly related to heart, lungs, only. Seller is to be notified Prior to any invasive~costly tests being given. Proof of genetic health issue, along with a detailed statement from a Licensed Veterinarian that is directly related to the unsatisfactory health of the puppy is required. Any/all Veterinary expenses, travel, fees are the responsibility of new owner(s)/buyer(s). Puppy can be returned/exchanged to seller for another puppy when one comes available of same size, look, gender of puppy. 
Puppy has received 1st Vaccination @ 7 weeks of age for these communicable diseases ~ Distempter, Hepatitis, Adenovirus2, Parainfluenza, Parvovirus. Deworming puppy was done on schedule with “Strongid” brand. No Cash refunds are given. Due to hereditary traits, size and color “cannot” be guaranteed, only estimated.

All Puppyterriers puppies are transferred to new owners with “AKC limited rights”,(No Breeding) unless arrangements are made and agreed upon in writing by both parties in advance, prior to payment to Seller(s) and signing of contract. Puppy is required to be registered with the AKC in new owners name so the history of puppy family info is continued in tact.
These terms & provisions are required and cannot be changed, amended, or modified unless written confirmation is made and agreed upon by seller(s) & buyer. By signing this contract, buyer & seller(s) have agreed to these terms. In the event that you are not able to return
this contract signed, please forward it to me with a note stating you have read this contract and that you understand it’s contents and agree to it’s terms completely in an email.

We feel because of recent events & improper practices of fraud, that this is a necessary thing to do. It is not intended to tarnish the integrity of any persons involved, on the contrary , we are wanting to improve the quality of communications and the relationship between Seller(s) and Buyer. This also can help ensure the health and well being of our puppies, & your new family addition!

  Date of contract:  xx/xx/xxxx   Puppy Price: $  xxx.xx    Method:  Cash   
Deposit Paid: $  xxx.xx   on xx/xx/2019. Remaining Balance to be paid: $xxx.xx   

AKC: “Limited Rights”-(no breeding) given to Buyer via Seller(s)

Name of Puppy;  xxxx    D.O.B.  xx/xx/xxxx      Sex: x

Litter AKC # xxxxxxxxx   Colors:  xxxxx  xxx    Release date: xxxx/2019   

Seller(s)  Patricia Morgan         Seller(s) Donny Morgan    

Buyer (Print): xxxxx xxxxxxx   

*Buyer Signature: xxxxx  xxxxxxx  

Address :  xxxxxxxxx       City:  xxxxxxx      State:  xx.    

Zip Code:  xxxxx   PH.#  xxxxxxxxxxx    email: xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

                                                                       Yorkie Needs List:
                                                  The items below are suggestions only

Crate – Should be enough room for a bed, puppy pad, and a small bowl for food and water.
Puppy Pads – You may also wish to purchase a puppy pad holder to keep the puppy from biting the edges or eating/choking on any of the fibers from the pad.
-Pee Pad Holder - To hold pad in place & deter puppy from playing with it.
Baby Blankets – Fleece ones from Wal-Mart or dollar stores work well. You do not want too much “fluffiness” from the material or the puppy will bite and eat the material, causing choking and constipation, which are no fun at all. You will probably want 3 to 4 of these, as they will need washing regularly.
- Food – Your puppy will already be eating a dry puppy formula, make sure to begin feeding the same thing as your breeder and gradually change over a 3-5 day period, should you choose to.
Bed (In crate and play area) – Often with Yorkies, the smaller the bed the better. It should be big enough for them to be comfortable and have room to move, but Yorkies like to snuggle and like the safety of the smaller beds. Some even enjoy the hooded beds that allow them to burrow. 
Puppy Play Pen – (Often called an Xpen) They can fold down to your needs. It is black wire panels. These can be purchased at pet stores or, a regular child’s play pen can be used. This allows a safe place for the puppy to play and nap and still be able to see out. This is also a great place to keep puppy when you are away that allows for more room to play, room for a puppy pad and food and water. If shopping o/l, we found www.chewy.com has excellent prices, 1-2 day shipping, & sometimes if you have an issue & want to return/exchange item, they will say please give to a shelter or clinic! I never had that before! Plus, your account will be credited fast! They will also send you a prepaid ship label. I like to share when i find good items. :) i am not being paid by them in any way.  Just an option.   
Tear Free Shampoo – Puppy eyes are sensitive and using tear free shampoo ensures no irritation.
- Conditioner – Yorkie coats are prone to matting and tangles, and their skin has a tendency to dry out with too much washing. Conditioner helps prevent both of these.
Baby wipes – Wet paper towels will also work for the puppy hiney that may need a little wipe from time to time. Baby wipes and wet paper towels are also good for wiping little mouths after wet food or any discharge from the eyes, or a quick cleanup to their paws.
Harness – Yorkies have a tendency to lead whomever is walking them by pulling at their leash. This is extremely dangerous for these little necks and tracheas. A harness is the best option when using a leash to prevent any harm to puppy.
Leash – Yorkies are fast, very fast! A leash is a must have until puppy is trained to stay close to you or when in a public park/area.
Food Bowls (In play area and kitchen) – Be sure that these are not too deep so that the puppy can get all the way to the bottom to get food and water out. Ones with rubber on the bottom to prevent sliding are also good to have. 
Honey Nut Cheerios (For a treat, also helps with Hypoglycemia) – From past experience, these are a well-loved treat, easy to chew, cheap, and also help to keep sugar levels up.

Toys (Kong for teething, small squeaky toys) – Make sure that the toys are easy to play with, not so big that puppy cannot pick them up. You also do not want toys with any material that puppy may could chew off and eat or choke on.
Hydrogen Peroxide – 1 tsp. Yorkies are curious little creatures that will eat anything they can get into their mouths. Hydrogen Peroxide can be administered orally to cause them to vomit, releasing whatever they may have swallowed. This is best done while puppy is inside a bath tub to make cleaning up much easier and allows you to make sure that what was swallowed has been released.
Nutri-Cal – A dietary supplement that can be found at pet stores/online in a squeezable tube. This can be used when a puppy’s blood sugar drops and in cases of hypoglycemia.
Clear Karo Syrup – If Nutri-Cal is not available, this can be rubbed onto the puppy’s gums to elevate blood sugar. This syrup can also be added to the drinking water if there are problems with blood sugar over an extended period of time. As always, consult your veterinarian at any sign of hypoglycemia and follow his directions, these are only suggestions.
Brush – Or comb to maintain a silky, tangle free coat. Yorkies should ideally be brushed once daily. This not only helps with their coat, it also increases their trust in you and their tolerance for bathing and bushing.
Toothbrush & Toothpaste – Yorkies are known for their not so pleasant breath and require frequent brushings to prevent tooth decay and tartar build up. Be sure to use only dog toothpaste and not human toothpaste. 
Ear Wash – Helps prevent ear mites and dirt and wax build up.
Nature’s Miracle Cleaner – An enzyme cleaner, non-toxic, that can be used on carpet, flooring and upholstery in case of any puppy accidents.



 Thank You ~ T.C. Cook for this Important reference guide!
We want to express our deep appreciation to a couple of new documents new families have shared with me & i have added below~from our customers! Valuble information to assist & guide you in learning & being better informed about our yorkies, the breed, & what the Heck to expect! :-) I personally am constantly still learning! Thanks again! Bookmark for e-z reference!
We also have a "Yorkie Needs List" below to assist you & fur baby!
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