-0AE76DDCCE963E44A5F495DEE75B46B1 Featured Pup~Bella
  These Snapshots are dedicated to our featured pup, Bella. Although ~ she is No longer available we want to give you a "better idea" of what kind of young life our pups live each day with videos & many photos. She is just one of our older/TRAINED~baby. AKC-Bella is so awesome in her yorkie smart features. This little girl knows her commands & can show them off!     CLICK IMAGE TO ENLARGE. 

Hi, I'm Bella ! Just relaxing for the moment.
Ain't i Adorable!
Which way did he go ??
I'm ready to do it..Yup! I'm gonna JUMP!
Bella & her siblings, looking @ our Koi fish.
O.k. Where's the treat i was promised??
Bella in her pup purse. 8-1-10
Bella weighs under 4 lbs. www.puppyterriers.com
Ahh..that feels soo..  good !!
Just one more lick !
SHhhh.. sleep!
Who's That ?
I like my Turtle..yes i do!
Bella on 6-16-10.  Bella is trained in approx. commands. An Awesome,smart, VERY lovin' Little girl!   www.puppyterriers.com
Care to Ride Along?!
Hi There!
I'm TRYING to sleep here!
What did you say?
Bella's so lovin!
WHAT was that??
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