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Image of Puppyterriers.com home place

AKC registered, tough, sturdy, Yorkshire Terriers, Available, Amazing spirits, smart, fearless, bold, adventurous,  Championship Bloodlines, Nervy, Clever, Heroic, Confident, a cherished family member for you.    www.puppyterriers.com
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Our Home Place in Cobbtown. GA.

All babies come with AKC registration papers, Contract, introduced to pee pad while here, Doggy Door trained,  Health Guarantee, Approved by our Vet., Microchipped Free, Puppy Book, Health/Data record,  Sample Food bag. Release date begins @ the 8 week age. 
Contact Patricia  for more info. Happy to answer any questions!

                                                                   Thanks Folks for your Support!!

Welcome Folks!  Pupdate:  4/3/2020
   We are hopefully expecting new fur babies in about a month from our Patty girl. Feel free to request being added to our waiting list.  Check back with us for pupdated info.

 If you wish to be added to our wait list Contact me, Patricia directly  more updated info. Feel free to view our pix & many videos below! Call/text- 912.690.3770 & or email me~puppyterriers@yahoo.com , Patricia for more info.  Free Microchipping included(if desired).  Deposits are required in order to Hold a fur baby for you & take offline.
 ALL Photos & Videos of all fur babies on this page are taken by Us & posted by Us @ Puppyterriers

Puppyterriers completely understands that it can be confusing & overwhelming to do transactions O/L. In that spirit, we strive to make this phase as comfortable as possible. We publish photos every 2 weeks & a few videos of New babies.  Requests? send em' my way, we will work with you in helping you decide which fur baby you desire & assist you hopefully in choosing Puppyterriers babies as your next addition to your family!  Our videos can give you an idea of how our babies look as they grow while with us, & a few laughs! If you don't receive a reply, please try again With your phone # & i will call you back! 

We want to Thank all our new yorkie family~owners for their support, Testimonials, keeping in contact & adding our fur babies to their family!!  

Please feel free to "Like" us & enjoy our Many videos below!  

My Reba is watching a Butterfly pass by...so cute!
Image of Puppyterriers.com~Reba Image of Puppyterriers.com~Reba
Image of Puppyterriers.com~Reba Image of Puppyterriers.com~Reba Image of Puppyterriers.com~Reba
Image of Puppyterriers.com~Reba Image of Puppyterriers.com~Reba Image of Puppyterriers.com~Reba Image of Puppyterriers.com~Reba
Image of Puppyterriers.com~Reba Image of Puppyterriers.com~Reba Image of Puppyterriers.com~Reba
Image of Puppyterriers.com~Reba Image of Puppyterriers.com~Reba
Image of Puppyterriers.com~Reba
Image of Puppyterriers.com~Reba Image of Puppyterriers.com~Reba
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 "Ring My Bell" ! 
A wittle Christmas video graciously shared for us, so we wanted to pass it along to you! Our past furbaby boy~Duncan in his new home-playing-ringing his bell! :) Adorable & FUNNY!

Many Thanks, Sandie & Mike !! 
 Past Pup
  Past Pup
 Past Pup
 Past Pup
  Past Pup
  Past Pup
  Past Pup
  Past Pup
  Past Pup
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 Call/Text me 912.690.3770 ~ Patricia
  Some of our Past Fur Babies
 Abby's Boy~Tex. Has a New family! Thanks, Shawna H!!
 Take a few moments to view our past fur babies.
 Bath time @ Puppyterriers! A sample of how to calmly bathe your new fur baby & for other families to assist you too! :)
 Shocked reaction to one of our fur babies~Tex arriving to his new family! So Precious!! Thanks, Shawna H!! 
 little Nick has a new family, Terral Evans from the "Swamp People" show, Thank you & Congrats!
 Amy's boy ~Hunter/Eli has a new family! Thank you & Congrats, Lisa & Josh S!! :)
 Freddie has a new family! Congrats & Thank you to Rob & Ellen V!! Look @ those eyes on Freddie! LOL. He really likes our Guardian~ Smoky. He followed Smoky around like a tiny shadow. Soo Precious!
Congrats & Thank you Brenda P!! These 2 babies have a new family!
 Congrats & Thanks to Sharon/Jack C. on your new  fur baby Chase from our Maddie girl!!
Congrats & Thanks to Andrea & Todd M. on your new  fur baby Tassie from our Maddie girl!! 
Here's a video of Jasmine, Thanks & Congrats to her new family~ Gwen G!!
Mama ~ Patty! All boys have their new families!! Thanks & Congrats  folks!
 All boys have new families! Thanks & Congrats to Angel R. , Kaye D. ,Patricia P. , Daniel/Nelly C.!! 
 Past fur babies pix & videos to enjoy below. Please excuse the look, Pupdating & rearrangements in progress. :) Thanks! 
 Congrats & Thanks to Kayleigh H. & Claire for adding our tiny  girls to your family!! 
Congrats & Thanks, Ed P. for adding Casey/Harley girl to your family!! 
CONGRATS & Thanks to Damir A. for adding our Bella's~ Buffy girl to your family!! 
 CONGRATS & Thanks to Kayla S. for adding Bella's ~ Jody boy to your family!!
Thanks & Congrats to Kristy & Ed C.  Zackus & Jabo have their new family! 
Angel has a new family! Congrats & Thanks to Mary B. for adding tiny Angel to your family!!!
Thanks & Congrats to Patty K for adding our girl ~ Addi to your family!! 
Congrats & Thanks to Elizabeth W. for adding Fran girl to your family!!
Thanks & Congrats to Ayree G. for adding our boy~Bam Bam to your family!!
Thanks & Congrats to Joy & Jim S. for adding Tasha baby to their family!! See more videos on our~ Youtube channel "Donny Morgan/Puppyterriers". Subscribe to receive alerts when we create each one.
7/20/19, Congrats & Thanks to Beverly W. for adding Pebbles ~ Addie/Annie girl to your family!!
7/21/19, Thanks & congrats to Charles & Keiko W. for adding Princess baby to your family!!
Congrats & Thanks to Shelley C. for adding Rambo to your family!!
Thanks & Congrats to Katelyn B. for adding Magnum baby to your family!! 
Congrats & Thanks to Kristen S. for adding Cesar baby to your family!! 
 Congrats to Jimmi T. for adding Lacey girl to your family!! 
 Congrats to Shelley C. for adding our Cagney girl to your family!! 11/19/2019
 Congrats to Loan T. for adding Rowdy baby to your family!! 
 Congrats to Craig J. for adding Roscoe baby to your family!! 12/31/2019
 Pupdated~ 4/3/2020  All of Puppyterriers babies come with AKC  applications, health/Data record, Contract, Microchipped free, Vet health checked @ 7 weeks of age, puppy book, sample food bag & most of all, lots of Lovin', & beginning Socialization. Videos are created by us each week to show families & the curious pupdated on their progress.

 Contact Patricia~ 912.690.3770 call/text./email. Don't forget to visit/Subscribe to our YouTube channel "Donny Morgan/Puppyterriers to view MANY videos of our fur babies & their antics, sweet ways! 
 Congrats to Richard E. for adding Jack~ Jack to your family!! 
 Congrats to Camille P. for adding Reese/Reba girl (Pebbles baby) to your family!! 
 1/26/2020~ Congrats to Kathy R. for adding Pebbles boy Bam~bam baby to your family!! 
 Congrats to Maritza C. for adding Pebbles girl Tassie/C.C to your family!!
 **CONGRATS** to Mike & Carolyn M. for adding  Maddie's Jesse boy to their family!! 2/13/2020
 Congrats to Morgan H. for adding T J Boy to your family!! 3/12/2020
CONGRATS to Janelle Marie for adding Marg baby to your family!! 3/20/2020
 Meg & her sister Marg/Pixie on the grass exploring.
 CONGRATS to Brooke A. for adding Meg baby to your family in Louisiana!! 4/3/2020
 Meg has her new family!!