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Tyneisha & J.J.!
"Abby" found her new home in New Jersey with Jewel & Tyea!
Diamond & Bugsy!
"Day of Transfer"
      J.J. @ play
J.J. found his new home in Richmond, GA. 
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Hi Pat!
 Annie is such a joy for our family!  She snuggled with Will all the way home.
 Dixie has taken on the roll of babysitter. If I put Annie in her crate, Dixie watches her like a hawk.  If Annie whimpers even a little bit, Dixie opens her crate and entertains her so that she won't cry!   ~Lisa~
Hi Pat!
 It was so good to hear from you! We actually decided to change Annie's name to Pepper. We love her so much! I have included a picture taken a few months ago of her on the beach.  The other one was taken today.  She has brought us so much joy! She loves to travel with us. She's been to Folly Beach and Fripp Island several times.  At the end of September she's going to Key West with us for a week. We like to call her our "beach bum"!
 I hope you are doing well. I think of you often.  Thank you so much for our beautiful yorkie!

Lisa Rice

Hi Patricia! 
Maggie is wonderful. We are all such fools about her. She is being spoiled rotten. She is very smart though. She uses her pee pad when she is in her pen overnight and goes outside when we take her out. She has had very few accidents in the house. Since he hasn't started college yet, Alex has been her "nanny" since Olivia has started back to school. He has enjoyed keeping her. Olivia has taken a lot of pictures of her. I'll try to send you a few soon. Dr. Kibbie said that Maggie was great. Jay said Maggie didn't like her shots at all!  
Thank you for checking on her! I am so glad that I found out that you had her!

Hey Auntie Pat,
 Everything has been up in the air. As I write, I sit in my dorm room at Columbus State University. Yay me right? lol. But yes bugsy is getting bigger. Not literally of course. He weighs 3 lbs and 6 ounces. and loves loves loves squeaky toys, scared of thunder and hates cats lol. Oh I forgot to mention that he has a girlfriend named Bella and she's a brown boxer. So weird huh? But they love to play tag together. It's so cute.  But Bugsy is up to date with everything. He enjoys going to the doctor and receiving their treats but despise's the shots and check ups. They give him some type of cheese that you spray out of the can to distract him from the shots but after the first time, he doesn't eat the cheese without knowing something is up. I love him so much and I Thank You for putting him in my mom and I life.  Enjoy your day!

Bugsy @ 1 yr. old
Bugsy & friend Bella the boxer!
 Morgan & her yorkie Lilly @ 1 yr. old 

Hi Mr. & Mrs. Morgan,
It's Lilly's first birthday, so I thought I'd share a few updated pictures of her and her brother, Merlin! I couldn't thank y'all enough for her - she truly is my child! And spoiled rotten! (in a good way!) I hope you both are doing great!
Take care,

 Jack is finally home in Washington after a few months of planning his arrival! I found Puppy Terriers online and was so impressed with Patricia and what a loving breeder she is! Originally I contacted her wanting a puppy in June. Patricia answered all of my (many) questions in such detail and with such promptness each time! Financially things didn't work out for me at that time so I kept checking the website and in September another litter came along. Living in Washington I knew I could find a breeder locally but chose puppy terriers because I felt comfortable with them and just knew that I would find the perfect puppy with them... And sure enough, I did! Jack is exactly the puppy I have always thought of and wanted in a Yorkie. After awaiting weekly "pupdates" and emailing back and forth on almost a daily basis, Jack finally arrived at the airport and we have been having so much fun with our new additionever since! If I am ever in need of another Yorkie (maybe a sister for jack!) I will with out a doubt go through Patricia again! Thank you so much! :)

  Things are great!!! She is a bundle of joy. She did awesome at her first vet check and goes back on the 4th . Maxi is playful, loving and very bright.Thanks so much Pat
  I decided I wanted a Yorkie and was lucky enough to find these wonderful breeders. Our Stella baby was born on 09/28/12 and she is the most wonderful little girl. My husband didn't want any part of this but I told him I was going to get her. I brought her home and the next morning when I got up she was sitting in the chair with him. I have to run the errands because my husband has Parkinson's and is unable to do much and she has been so much fun and company for him while I am gone. We wouldn't take anything for her and we love watching her play with all her toys. When I go to Petco I always take her and the staff just loves her. She always gets smiles from everyone who comes in because she is so cute! She is going for a spa treatment in two weeks! Whenever I walk through the door after being gone and she hears the door open she comes running down the hallway to greet me. That is just such a wonderful feeling! She is sitting with him at the moment watching TV. She also gets in the bed with me in the morning and will sometimes just snuggle up to me and go to sleep! She is priceless!!!
Dianne Futch
  Stella @ 6 1/2 mo. old
  Riley k Lackey is a mamas boy he is very sweetie and loving . This is his Halloween pic he loves to take pics thanks for the best Christmas gift ever . Riley is 16 months old now more pic's to come of mama's baby....
April M.
  Riley @ 16 mo. old. 
Olivia & her furbaby Maggie on p/u day
  Lilly & Merlin
Maggie 2 yrs. old
 Kaylyn's ~Carter baby !
Nancy's baby girl~ Lola
Lmao...little miss sassy pants learned how to jump up on the chair so she can climb up on the computer desk and get into everything!..this little girl is too smart!..i just hope she doesn't teach all these things to her sister! Lol
Kim Anderson Carney
 Jenny & her fur baby Jackson, all grown up!
 Sylmarie's~ Jojo
 Mandy's ~ Tess Grown up!
 Bridgette, Patti W grown fur baby
 A shocked girl realizes she has a new Puppyterriers yorkie baby on her bed! Precious reaction!
 Renee's Alfie/Rico Yachting! 
We are So in Love with Finn!! He is the best thing ever! Beautiful & Pure Joy! Dee W. 
 Kaye D. fur baby Rocky, her co pilot when traveling across the country & overall best buddy!! 
Carol & Glenn's Fur baby~ Zoey @ 1 1/2 yrs old!
2 yr old Ariyah cuddling Grandma~Barb's, Abby. 
Gene & his Bella Sunshine.
Freddie! Smart little guy!! Love this dude!! Thanks,
Rob & Ellen V.
Ed & his Harley girl, sweet moments! 
Kaye now has 2 co pilot's traveling the country! Rocky & new fur baby Riley! 
Nelly & her new love fur~ Bumper!
Terral from "Swamp People" & his new yorkie Nick!