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Dear readers and supporters of Yorkshire Terriers! Thank you for your continued support. 

The idea of ‘Raising Puppy’ came about because my husband and I deal so much with people who are new parents of the precious breed – Yorkshire Terriers.  We thought that we could share and encourage others to share about some of the trials and tribulations of ‘Raising Puppy’ that we could learn so much from each other. Sometimes people are afraid to ask questions fearing they are foolish. Never the case. The only question that is foolish is the one not asked! 

This is for anyone to submit to the site. We do however retain the right to decide whether or not it is ‘user friendly’ as we do want to keep this a light entertaining additon Of our site. Feel free to title it as you please, use your names or anonymous is fine too. The idea is to communicate about the fun and education we have gathered along the way to ‘Raising Puppy’.
~ Raising Puppy ~
Humor is always a great way to communicate. Here is an actual story of one of my new parents as she brought home her first puppy. 

About 7:00 am one fine day – my telephone rang – and if you know me personally you’ll know that unless a mother is ready to deliver a new litter – I do not like to get up early. Nevertheless – here is how the telephone call went..

Me:  Hello (real sleepy I might add)

Customer: ‘Oh OH – I pulled his teeth out’! It’s bleeding and I don’t know what 
                To do! Help me please! 

Me:        Well… (that was all I got out of my mouth when she continued.)


 I am so stupid I was just playing with him and I knocked his teeth out. What should I do – OMG there’s another one… Oh no is he going to be alright – tell me –should I take him to the emergency room … hey are you there??

Me:  (Uh..yes if i can jump in  ...I was thinking) lol

       First of all thank goodness I recognized your voice or I would have thought 
       It a joke! But secondly – it is perfectly normal. Your puppy has baby teeth –   
      And just like babies they do fall out. Unexpectedly but they do fall out so the 
     Adult teeth can move on in. I heard her actually sigh in relief..

Customer: Oh – really – gosh I was so scared – my sister has been telling me That if I am not more careful while playing fetch with my puppy that I will be pulling  his teeth out.  When it actually happened I immediately thought oh no she is right.  I did pull his teeth out.
I would have never heard the end of it. Will you call her later for me and tell her I really didn’t pull his teeth out – it is normal? She won’t believe me and I will never hear the end of it. 

Me: Sure!

I will tell you that not all of the calls I receive – which are always welcomed by the way .. are this frantic or as easy to solve. This is why it can be such a rewarding and enriching time to share our stories. We will continue to post the stories – accolades whatever relates to ‘Raising Puppy’.

We plan to add new stories to the existing group so we can watch it grow. If you want to see your story/experience on the site –. Enter your story in the box below & submit.

Well gotta go – I hear  new puppies calling me – they are so cute!!

Until then,

Patricia and Donny Morgan..

Our Reba is putting down her story, how about you?
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Hi again from Frasier Crane's Mom! I wanted to update everyone since Frasier came home with me to North Carolina .  
He will be celebrating his 2nd birthday next month and he has been such a joy and benchmark for my learning! Notice I said my learning - as he - likes to appear that he is not capable of learning.  Uh huh right. Took me a 1.5 years to figure out he already knows he is just not going to do it in my time. 
We recently moved and settling in nicely. We live in a community where there are lots of other dogs, cars and many other distractions. While walking Frasier - he has been known to shoot away from me and keep going. No matter what I do or threaten him with. He runs like it’s for his life. Poor thing must not get the food, water, petting, warm bed or treats so he has to see if another family does better. After verbalizing a few choice words (ok more than a few) I can usually get someone watching this scene of me running – not very gracefully and I am sure they think an earthquake is coming by the pounding and heavy breathing – ok me not Frasier as I try to catch the little darling. Someone else grabs him and gives him to me. To which he just slowly turns his little blonde mop and looks at me like – who are you – never mind can’t be bothered. 

 One of these occasions I thought he had gotten out of the porch and couldn’t be found. I searched the entire neighborhood – boo hooing – a few neighbors took pity on my and joined in the search. When we were all tired out and went our separate ways and I was wondering what I could do – I went to the porch to inhale a glass – ok bottle – of wine when that same blonde mop head cocked his head as if to say – where ya been – I’m hungry! Never mind that I was right behind the patio several times repeatedly calling his name. No response. 
Man I love this dog…
Probably the only other issue I have with my darling is he thinks everything on the ground is his. If he isn’t barking at a stray balloon or piece of paper he is trying to eat bones someone carelessly dropped. The fights on the ground that the neighbors have endured are history making. I wouldn’t be surprised if we are not you tubed or whatever it’s called. Basically it’s me catching him just as something passes his teeth – the fight begins. I try to call he runs.  I say no – he runs faster – while looking back at me making sure I know he is looking back at me since he is in front. When I get him – and start digging in his mouth – whatever was there is gone. My baby….

 After a while I decided he could use some company – maybe which was me thinking if Frasier had company – he would listen a little better. Right….

I kid about it but he has developed into a listener – ok just not a do-er! Anyway back to Cobbtown , Georgia where Frasier was born. ..I saw the newest pups and the 9 weeks olds also. So cute... In choosing one I worked with Patricia to figure out the best mate for Frasier. We found one that she named Dino. I hadn’t seen Frasier have so much fun. We aren’t around other dogs much and especially one’s that are small enough for Frasier to play with. So he had a blast amongst all the puppies. I wasn’t aware they would remember their Mothers – which they did. That was cute to watch. 

 So the weekend is over – Dino is riding home with me and his big brother Frasier. Keeping with my tradition – Dino didn’t work with Frasier, Maris and Gracie the other pets in the house. So Dino became Nyles. So now Frasier Crane is back again with his brother Nyles Crane! 

 They are fun to watch – especially at first when Nyles was trying his best to establish that he is the alpha-dog. Uh No.!  They wrestle run after each other and sleep right next to each other. It’s nice to see that they actually have to either have a paw touch each other when they are resting. 

 When Frasier was in ‘time-out’ for something he did – I noticed that Nyles climbed right in the same area. Sort of a support system. Frasier does the same when Nyles is in the ‘dog house’. 

 One last story – as I mentioned earlier – we recently moved. For some foolish reason I decided they can stay out and without a pen – and all would be ok. I didn’t leave anything dangerous out or something obvious so what’s the harm? Ok here is the harm:

 When I pulled into the parking lot – I realized I could see them as we were now located on the front of the building. So as I walked up to the front door – I noticed Frasier sitting in the window looking out at me. I thought how cute he’s waiting for me. Then I look closer and realized that the Levelor Blinds looked a little crooked. Oh well – inside I went. Of course they are the best greeter’s you’d think I was gone for weeks – the jumping, loving, excitement is really nice at the end of the day.
 As my eyes wandered about the rooms - I didn’t notice anything out of place or wrong.  Until I went into the front room overlooking the parking lot. I looked at the blinds and gasped. I guess they decided they were going to sit on an unpacked box – look out the window. The view must have been blocked by that brand new nasty old Levelor Blinds.  So they apparently decided to chew their way from the bottom of the window sill straight up to the heights of their heads and the width of their bodies. It almost looked like a perfect horseshoe. 
By my reaction Nyles and Frasier realized that may not have been one of their best ideas and decided to make a run for it. Well Frasier will make the run – Nyles sort of hits the ground and makes his way in a low flat crawl – I wonder if his ancestors were in Vietnam ? So obviously I get to him first. He does look at me like – how did you catch me so fast? We both go after Frasier – and by this time he has blended into anything he can – but that’s ok because Nyles busts him and shows me where he is. Now obviously this always turns out to be funny just due to their reactions. Beside what can you do about something after its done? Patricia always says it’s the 3 second rule. Meaning after 3 seconds they’ve already forgotten what they did – so the retaliation really doesn’t matter. Out of sight out of mind... I would rather it be out of hind. But I do love the darlings. I know I make it sound like I am hurting them – truth is the dogs get away with things no kid would ever live to tell about!  
Well – the moral of the story is – safety in numbers – keep good company and always get at least one puppy from Patricia and Donny Morgan at Puppyterriers!

Frasier and Nyles Mom.

 New owner Lakeshia has the right idea in getting ready for her new furbaby!!