Our experience with the Morgans was great. They welcomed my husband and I into their home to see “Sam” our new pup without really knowing us and we left
feeling like we had become bonded with the help of this little yorkie pup bringing us together. We of course talked business, discussed puppy questions, exchanged stories of yorkie mischief and agreed that Sam was the one for us. Sam may have been born in Georgia but he’s now a Florida boy and is enjoying a warm, loving family here. Our choice could not have been better. Documents provided with his health records were very organized and current. Since bringing Sam home we have been contacted to be sure that Sam is adjusting to his new home. Thank you Donny, Patricia, and mommy Reba too.
Linda and Rich Alvino
Palm Harbor, FL  
I gave Tango a great big hug for you and we are not changing his name, we love it :). Pat he is wonderful we are in Savannah I walked him but he has been asleep so far the entire trip :).  Thank you both again so much for your kindness and warm generosity, we will stay in touch and will definitely refer anyone looking!! 
Winsor and Jacqui, 
 Charleston, S. C

 We were first attracted to the puppies from the adorable pictures and information provided on their website.  After calling Pat and finding out about the puppies, we decided to drive down from Atlanta the next day to see the puppies!  Pat was very friendly on the phone and gave us great directions on how to find their home.  After arriving at their home, Pat brought us in and introduced us to the puppies! They were all so happy, healthy and friendly, it was hard to pick,  but we finally decided on a male we named Cody. We are so happy with our new puppy and he has adjusted so well to his new environment.  He is very healthy, playful, and has become best buddies with our cat, Harley!  Our veterinarian is also very impressed with Cody and how healthy he is as well as the professional notebook you gave us.  It made it so easy for him on Cody's first visit to the vet, by having all of our new puppy's data such as shot records, check-ups as well as information on his parents, and the registration information to show his pedigree. Thank you again for such a wonderful puppy and new addition to our family!                                                                      

Sam and Pam Medina , Atlanta, GA.   
Hi Pat!

It was so good to hear from you! We actually decided to change Annie's name to Pepper. We love her so much! I have included a picture taken a few months ago of her on the beach.  The other one was taken today.  She has brought us so much joy! She loves to travel with us. She's been to Folly Beach and Fripp Island several times.  At the end of September she's going to Key West with us for a week. We like to call her our "beach bum"!

I hope you are doing well. I think of you often.  Thank you so much for our beautiful yorkie!

Lisa Rice

Our Reba & one of her babies.....
Soo sweet!

   A few weeks ago, our family lost a beloved canine member and thought we would never be able to replace our Molly. After hours and hours of internet searches, we found Puppyterriers and knew we had found the family we wanted to adopt from when we were ready. I called and left a message, which was returned so quickly that I was amazed. During our discussion, we found out Puppyterriers was located less than 20 miles from our home. There was no way this was a coincidence.
The Morgans were more than happy to have us into their home to get to know the puppies and to make certain we were making the best decision for our family. My daughter picked her new baby out immediately…and changed the her name that day to Gidget. It fit perfectly for a 12 year old little girl who LOVES her yearly trips to Hawaii with the grandparents and loves the old Gidget movies and the innocence they portray. 
The Morgans have allowed us to return for a “play date” with my daughter and her baby to help them adjust to each other before we take possession of our new family member. The generosity and kindness this family has shown us has been amazing. They have taken (and emailed) photos of my daughter playing with her Gidget on both occasions we were there. They have offered us cold beverages, provided us a relaxed and comfortable environment to visit and play with our puppy, and have given us great ideas to make the transition to a new home less traumatic for our new baby.  
Although I have not yet picked Gidget up (as she is still in need of her mother’s care), I feel that these people are the kind who SHOULD be raising animals for people to love. They are obviously very generous with their time and they obviously love their animals. After seeing this kind of personal interaction and positive environment, I cannot imagine getting my new puppy from anyone else.We have less than two weeks to go before she comes home to live, but I know I will be keeping in contact with Patricia long after Gidget has her new family.
God Bless such kind people who offer such well cared for puppies to families like us.

Gidget "
Honest to goodness Real Stories from the Generosity of our New Owners!
Going wonderful!!!! Thank you for asking. Babies are growing and playing and we are having a ball with them. Have had several friends and family fall in love with them. Have any new babies coming up?

Just a quick update on our Gidget….
 We’ve taken Gidget into our home and have been blessed with the kindest, sweetest puppy you could imagine. We’ve also been keeping in touch with the Morgans through telephone, email, and text with photos and little stories of joy our new puppy has brought us. They are always kind, informative, and seem genuinely happy to hear about the antics of our Gidget.

 I was prepared to go through the “transition” of a new puppy when we picked our Gidget up, but honestly did not look forward to it. I knew it was to do, so we braced ourselves for the first night’s whining, barking, begging and yelping. To our great surprise and amazed pleasure, Gidget only awoke once her first night with us because she was cold. We made sure she was settled back down, toasty warm, and put her back into her puppy room (a great little play area where she can eat, sleep, play, and use her puppy pad) in my daughter’s bedroom. She slept through the rest of the night! The next night was even better and now there are no awakenings for us. Gidget gets out of her cozy sleeping basket and has a snack and a little water. She then takes care of her “big dog” business on her puppy pad and then hops back into her snuggly covers for the rest of the evening. It’s amazing!!! I never expected this little puppy to be such a blessing to our family so quickly. I also never expected to have such a great new relationship with the Morgans. 
Thanks again Morgans for all that you do. These pups are exceptional and I’m so happy to have Gidget in our lives!

Update on Gidget -  7/22/2012
Message: It's time for another Gidget update. We're still loving our growing girl. She just finished her puppy shots and had her first round of big dog shots last week...so she's growing up fast. Gidget is now just over 4 lbs (because she eats anything she can get into her little mouth)...wow does Bitter Cherry Spray come in handy! Gidget has done the impossible....she has actually bonded with with our Pom! Everyone thought there was NO way ANY dog could get through Maggie's defenses, but Gidget has wiggled and begged her way through. Now our two babies (old and young) are looking out for each other! Gidget also understands exactly where her room is and sleeps there quietly (even when human is at camp or traveling with her grandparents). She wakes us up or meets us at the door with more energy than we could ever have immagined! She's super smart and has found her way around any obsticle. You never know when Gidget will be on a table or in a chair several feet off of the ground...she finds a way to accomplish any task using the trial and error method..so watch out world, here she comes! There is no doubt this little charmer has found the family she belongs with and I can honestly say that the Morgans knew exactly which puppy to recommend for us based on temperment within a few minutes of meeting with us. She has even won over the man of the house, which is a serious challenge even for a big dog! I do have a few suggestions for anyone lucky enough to adopt one of these beautiful and loving puppies and, if Patricia will allow it, I'd like to help new owners by recommending a few things on keep hand for their new babies. 1. Hydrogen Peroxide (with your vet's approval) because they will most certainly eat something that will make them very ill and you will have the solution on hand to save their lives, be sure to put your furbaby in the tub when you do this. 2. Bitter Cherry Spray for helping them to remember what is Ok to chew on and WHAT IS NOT,without damaging the furniture in the process! 3. Puppy pads (because they are already trained to use them and they are a serious blessing for us). 4. Lots and lots of toys (I recommend AKC toys only, but that is just my preference for safety). 5. Doggie shampoo, conditioner, and grooming tools. And last, but certainly not least, number 6. Beds or baskets for more than one room in the house (assuming you don't live in a very small home). These babies LOVE to snuggle in blankets and baskets and to sleep in their own beds during the day. At night is of course your choice, but until completely puppy trained, I recommend a bed of their own on the ground so they can get to the puppy pad for late night potty trips. I hope everyone who takes the time to read through the testimonials will understand how wonderful the Morgans and their dogs are and how much the addition of these puppies can change your lives. I was afraid to add another inside dog to our household at first, but Gidget is family now. She watches over all of us to make sure we are OK and she is always there to say "good morning" or "hello" or just to lift our spirits when one of us needs a boost! The love and affection of the Morgans is evident in these wonderful animals is evident from the very first moment you meet them. I honestly believe they could pick the puppy for you over the phone if you took the time to talk to Patricia and tell her about your life. It's an amazing place, with amazing people, and amazing animals! And, by the way, I had never even heard of the Morgans before we started searching for a Yorkie, so everything you read is honest from the bottom of my heart!

Thanks Patricia for giving me the opportunity to bring home such an adorable companion. I brought Bobo home August of 2011 and he's just been the joy of my life. He's not only cute, (as everyone who meets him will say), he's also super smart! He can understand me, read my emotions and know when to hop on my lap and give me some kisses when I need them. I haven't seen any dog that's so agreeable with people and other dogs. So Thanks again Patricia! -  

Kathy X.

Wanted you all to know that the puppies are doing great. We are enjoying the pups very much. We were surprised that they didn't even cry the first night. I think having each other is why. No diarrhea and haven't skipped a beat with eating. 
We drove to Orlando last weekend for a family gathering and they were very good travelers. They sleep all wrapped around each other and although they are aggressive in their rough housing, they are inseparable. Very jealous if one or the other gets too much attention. Their little personalities are quite different. I'm sending a recent video of "the girls".

Becky and Bill 

 Maggie & Missy
   Several months ago my husband and I decided to make a new addition to our family, and I honestly don't remember how we came across the puppyterriers page, but i'm more than grateful that we did.. I've never had better experience with anyone as I did with Pat and Don, they truly made the whole process much more pleasant, and you could tell how much love they put in to raising these puppies.. Fijit is a very active little boy but he's the perfect match for my daughter.. they literally tire each other out when we go to the park :] Not only is he the sweetest little boy, but he's also very intelligent, he was fully potty trained within the first 2 weeks and hasn't needed a leash since our second visit to the park, doesn't leave my daughter's side even when other dogs pass by.. Our family is over joyed with our little boy! And I literally recommend Pat and Don to absolutely anyone! Everyone that meets Fijit falls in love with him, I couldn't thank them enough! :]
​I meant to send you this one yesterday , they were at the park .. Lol he has too much patience for her , he literally sits with her in the stroller, shopping cart, car seat, and apparently swings too.. You name it hes always with her lol .
  Jaelyne & Fijit
  I decided I wanted a Yorkie and was lucky enough to find these wonderful breeders. Our Stella baby was born on 09/28/12 and she is the most wonderful little girl. My husband didn't want any part of this but I told him I was going to get her. I brought her home and the next morning when I got up she was sitting in the chair with him. I have to run the errands because my husband has Parkinson's and is unable to do much and she has been so much fun and company for him while I am gone. We wouldn't take anything for her and we love watching her play with all her toys. When I go to Petco I always take her and the staff just loves her. She always gets smiles from everyone who comes in because she is so cute! She is going for a spa treatment in two weeks! Whenever I walk through the door after being gone and she hears the door open she comes running down the hallway to greet me. That is just such a wonderful feeling! She is sitting with him at the moment watching TV. She also gets in the bed with me in the morning and will sometimes just snuggle up to me and go to sleep! She is priceless!!! 

 Dianne Futch
 Statesboro, GA 

  Stella 4/15/13
  We were very blessed to have found Mrs.Patricia and Mr.Donny. They have bought one of the sweetest little fellers into our lives. They are the most caring people I have met. We went to there home a few weeks before sweet Reba was to give birth and they welcomed us into their home and made us feel very comfortable. When talking with them you could see just how much each one of their Babies means to them. I was so excited to know we were going to have a baby for our Daughter. They are so great about sending updates in emails, pics and video's. My Daughter came home everyday wanting to see if there was any new updates on her baby. I can't tell you how we felt to feel as though we were right there with each little step our baby made. I want to thank them again for showing us so much love and concern and giving us Quint to brighten each day of our lives. He maybe my Daughters baby but he belongs to all of us. He has given all of us so much joy and love I can not tell you. We are very thankful for Mrs.Patricia and Mr.Donny they are truly a God send. We need more pet lovers like them in this world!! And Again Thanks for giving us this precious baby Quint! 

 LaFawn Pines
Bloomingdale, Georgia 

  Hi Patricia!!! How are you all?? 

I decided we needed another yorkie since my Fred started to get abandonment issues when we moved here from California to Florida. I did my research for months and came across Patricias page. What stuck me the most was when I emailed her my questions they were 1. answered almost immedately 2. she wanted more questions! I knew almost instantly I wanted a pup from them. Everytime I emailed or called other breeders I felt like they had something to hide. She always was upfront with me about everything and constantly gave us Pupdates. I loved getting pictures and videos from her watching our Chassis "chloe"grow. We opted to drive up to their home to pick up Chassis. They have the most beautiful home and we were welcomed warmly.They are the most friendliest and sweetest people on the planet and am lucky to have met them. We picked up our Chassis and instantly fell in love. She has been our handful ever since. We love her so so much and am grateful to have found you guys. I only have wonderful things to say about the Morgans. :) Here is a picture of pick up day at the Morgan's home. I absolutely love this picture because both pups are looking in opposite directions. Now they love each other! 
I will send a pupdate soon!! 
Loan, John, Fred and lil miss Chassis
Bobo~2 yrs. old

 Hi Mrs. Pat and Mr. Donny! I just wanted to stop in and give a quick update of my beautiful furbaby Carter. Since the moment Carter step paw into my home he has been a true blessing. He is the cutest, sweetest, nicest, most well behaved ball of fur lol. He constantly keeps a smile on my face and I never have a dull day with my baby. He showers me with his little kisses everyday, all throughout the day. I heard that yorkies were stubborn when it came to potty training but not Carter. He carried over what he was taught by you guys to here and he uses his potty pad with perfection, which makes me a very happy mommy! Well, I just wanted to let you know that Carter has adjusted wonderfully and we are as happy as can be. Thank you again for my little prince charming. I hope that you guys are doing well. 
  Hey, just wanted to give you an update on Gina. Gina's training is progressing very well, and she just got her stitches out yesterday from getting spayed last Tuesday, Gina did great. She is a very happy and loving little girl, and is being spoiled rotten. Thank you for showing Gina to us, even though she was only 4 weeks at the time. Gina is the perfect furbaby for us, and I am very happy with her.
Cheers, Chris & Liana Baldridge
Hi Patricia, I just wanted to say Hello & show you some of Lola's pix. She's adjusting well and fills us with Happiness!
Nancy O.
Hey Patricia!
 Just wanted to let you know-Rocket is doing great!! I did what you suggested at night & it's worked!!!! No crying, just an occasional wimper-I rubbed his head & tell him it's ok & to go to bed & it works-2 thumbs up! I've never had such easy nights w/a new puppy. He also LOVES the leash & going for walks. He's getting the hang of going potty outside. And everybody we've introduced him to comments how calm he is-you guys do such a great job getting the pups ready for their new home. We can't thank you enough! :-)
Marie P.
 Lexi @ 1 year old. 
 Hi Pat! 
One year ago June 16th, we picked up Lexi ! Time flies. We Thank You for giving us the sweetest little Love of our life.
 XO Gail, New Jersey
Patricia & Donny,
  I thought I would go ahead and let you know how things went as we are pleasantly surprised with the little doodle!  
She slept almost all the way home to our surprise. She ate a little bit and had a wee wee about half way home and then went back to sleep. When we got home, see immediately had poo and pee on her pad (we praised her). We played a while with her (about an hour) all the while letting her see her crate (we have her car ride blanket in there). She went in a few times and we praised her. When she started looking sleepy, I put her in and shut the door. She whined for about 2 minutes and fell asleep.  
About an hour later I opened the door and checked in on her. She just turned her head towards the open door and looked at me. I made the Donnie clicking sound and she came out. After playing with her another 50 minutes, she went into her crate and laid down, time for a nap! She is there now taking another little nap.  
We are so happily surprised at how she immediately took the crate to be 'her place'. We will be getting her out for a little more play time before settling in for the night!
I know it can't always be this easy, but we take the blessing as we see them!

 I am going to post these to her facebook page, but you and Donny should get the early pupdate! 
 We are just smitten with this little booger. She is surely as independent as she can be. Not only has she taken to her crate, but she prefers to go into it at times and just lies down for a nap. We'll open the door after a bit and she just stays in there looking out at us! She plays really hard and gets into everything she can in her pen. Then she just conks out for a nap. As I mentioned, she has been eating and drinking well. The house training is going as expected, well with some expected accidents.  
She's a smarty though. The green bear is her bedtime buddy! She chews on it and naps right out! Two nights and she has slept quite well! We sure are blessed with the great job you two do with these pups!
When we decided to bring a puppy into our home, I was not expecting it to be a difficult task. I spent, on & off, about a year looking for our forever baby. I never thought I would come across so many people that did not have a clue about their own business. Breeders that could not give an intelligent answer to a simple question. 
 I found Puppyterriers.com one evening; took a deep breath & made the call. I didn't hold out much hope! Much to my surprise, Patricia & I spoke for almost an hour. She answered all my questions; even offering advice that I didn't know I needed yet! My husband & I talked, decided to take a leap of faith, and send her the down payment on a sweet puppy.
The hardest part was waiting for the 8 week mark so we could bring him home. I spent my time browsing their website, watching cute/funny videos of past puppies, & reading all of the advice they, and their past customers shared. I also emailed/called Patricia all the time, asking questions, or just wanting to know how our puppy was doing. True to her word, she answered each and every one of them.
The day came to pick our baby up and bring him home. On arrival at their home, we were welcomed, invited into their home, and offered something to drink. All thoughts of eating or drinking went out the window when I saw our tiny, button nosed, fluff-ball sitting in their living room! Kodie was everything we could have asked for, and more! 
Back on the home front, Kodie is doing great! (I did have to make a call/email or two to Patricia after we brought him home . . . new mommy jitters!) He is going on his pee-pad (most of the time) sleeping through the night, & best of all, he keeps us busy & laughing!
My husband and I would give Patricia & Donny a 5 star rating. We have, and will continue to recommend them to family and friends. Not only did we get a beautiful puppy, we made new friends.
Skip & Karen
Hi Patricia!
A quick note letting you how much we love Kodie . . . & all the joy we get from him.
He is so smart ~ and I'm not just saying that because I am his mommy! He will fetch, sit & stay on command. He loves everyone, & is fearless around other dogs in our family. Bedtime is a snap. This morning he slept until 9:00AM. He has a pee-pad in his bed, but just like most mornings, it's dry.
Evenings when he's sleepy, we pull him up on the couch with us. That is the only time he will cuddle . . . afternoon nap and bedtime. Other times he is off playing with his toys! Took him to the veterinarian yesterday, thinking he hurt his leg. Turned out to be nothing. But they weighed him. He is a proud 3.6 pounds. 
Wishing you and Donny a Happy New Year!
Good morning! Here is Chewy(left). He is doing great!  Princess(right) loves her new digs and I noticed that is the only time she wouldn't let Chewy near her (when she's in the bed). At my house she jumped in Chewy's bed, then snapped at him when he came close) and she did the same when she got to her new home at my Mom's. I suppose she's trying to let him know who's boss. Lol
Patricia... Update,                                                                                                                                                                                          12/17/15
Wanted to give you a year-later update on Daisy as well as tell you about someone who may contact you about a Furbaby.  
A colleague, Jeff M., met Daisy when I took her by my office and is considering a yorkie for his wife. I pointed Jeff to your website. I am not sure when he may contact you, he may have already or it may be in a few months.
Daisy is doing great. She is a skinny little thing and eats very sparingly. He highest weight was 3.9 pounds. I weighed her this week and she is at 3.2 pounds. She is healthy though, just not a big eater and when she does eat, makes a game of it. She'll play with a kibble for 10 minutes and then eat it! Probably burns more calories eating than she takes in.
She sleeps more than any dog we've ever had. She sleeps a lot during the day and plays hard in the afternoon. Then about 7:30 pm she is done. She'll try to sleep on anyone available and if we bother her, she'll go in her crate and put her back to us. She sleeps all night long too. Sometimes we have to wake her up about 6:30 am!
She is a sweetheart, but she has a lot of puppy in her. We still find things she has chewed up including paint off the baseboards and wallpaper off the wall! Eeek! Well, that's what we signed up for :) 
Daisy is a lot of fun and we sure enjoy her!
You and Donny have a Merry Christmas!
Chris & Anita
Contact Us
My experience was wonderful. Patricia and Donnie are very giving and very supportive people. My son Landon is starting to see what unconditional love is from his puppy Jackson. I love watching their relationship grow. I would highly recommend Patricia and Donnie 2NE1 that wants a puppy. Thank you for our new love Jackson! I am so grateful to Donnie and Patricia our new family friends.
Jenny R.
"Thank You! Kodie, One year old ~ he is funny, smart & the best thing ever for us. Thank you Patricia & Donny! We love him so much! He is so much more than we expected. He's a four pound wonder ~ loved & spoiled . . . but very well behaved. He loves all animals & people alike . . . he travels well and enjoys new experiences. You do a wonderful job bringing well rounded puppies to families. I enjoy seeing the new puppies on your Facebook page too! 

Patricia, just wanted to thank you again for Max. He has been a great addition to our family. He is healthy, happy, smart and a joy. He and Bailey are best buds. You have been so helpful and can tell Max has a quality blood line. I would be happy to be a reference for any new buyers. Thank you again!
Dianne Nixon
Patricia and Donnie, Its been almost 2 weeks since I lost my sweet Dexter of 12 years.He was a true bred yorkie we adopted him when he was 6 yrs old. He started having issues with patellas. So we performed his first surgery 2 yrs after we adopted. After that things seem to go down hill for my sweet baby. He need bi lateral knee surgery on his knees.Of course you wouldnt have both knees operated on. So after Christmas in 2016 we noticed Dexter wasnt walking at all he started scooting. My thought was " Oh my he has torn a ligament on the knee that still needed surgery". We took him back to his ortho surgeon. He said it was not an issue with the knee scooting... more of a neuro thing. So he referred us to a neuro surgeon. I was desperate and really wanted to help my baby. so we proceeded with MRI/ And test. He had to be put under so my worry was the trachea.When they would have to put him under (2) times for test. He came through that fine but he started on prednizone. And immediately had issues with breathing and eating. It seemed his little tongue was swollen. So after several visits back to my local vet we took him off that medication. Not even a few days he started panting because he was having trouble breathing again, Ill never forget that night we had to take him to the ER he panted very heavily for hrs. Finally we get there and they stated he had an enlarged heart and he also had pnuemonia. They wanted to again keep him over night. I said NO I just couldnt deal with him suffering any longer so we had to let him go. I cried every day for 6 days straight. Needless to say my husband Charlie started the process of healing by looking to get me a new puppy. we looked at several sites....then I ran across Patricia . She immediately called me on my cell. I was shocked ..It was meant to happen . She must have seen my story and was touched. she had 2 boys left, we chose Harley. Patricia was very patient and was willing to answer any of my concerns. We texted all week before we actually went to pick up sweet Harley exactly one week after Dexter's passing. He immediately started snuggling with me . he is such a smart boy. Already leash trained( somewhat potty trained) little issues nothing major that cant be learned. we just love the fact we were invited to their farm on 16 acres. They showed us their Yorkie farm and I call it a condo. They are even building a pool for the family. Ha.... we would highly recommend Puppy Terriers to anyone who may be looking for a new FULL breed Yorkshire Terrier. Champion bloodlines and they are well taken care of and socialized. We will be sending you pics Patricia. We already have been sharing videos through messaging and pics. Thank you both so much, Sandie and Charlie Bailey Woodstock, GA 
 Harlie Bailey
Patrica and Donny,
It's been now 2 days since I've received my little guy, Beckham. It's hard to narrow it down to words exactly how I feel but I'll start by saying Thank You. Since the 1st message to the 100th 😉, you've been ever so kind, attentive, informative, reassuring, and just simply...Great! I'm grateful I searched until I found you, and went with my gut. I knew I was making the right choice by buying one of your pups. Ever since you sent me that 1st little picture in the top right, I knew...he's mine!! As you know, I was in love since the beginning and it's even stronger now. I'm certain it will continue as each day passes. The care, love, and patience you have for your pups is evident. My boy is smart, calm, happy, spunky, has excellent health, still hasn't whined once in his crate, loves to gives kisses and be held. Exactly all that I hoped for in a pup. Meeting both of you was just icing on the cake. You both are just as funny, lovely, and great in person as on the phone. I appreciate all that you both do and all that you are. You've provided me the best new family member I could of ever hope for. Much love to you both!!! Jennifer Craig😍❤🐾😁😌 
Patricia and Donny
I want to thank you both for the joy I now have with Porsha Rose. She is so much fun and a face that makes me smile. You not only gave the privilege to adopt one of your babies you opened your home to me to visit with her till she could come home. She is adjusting and growing in her new home. Yes spoiled rotten. She has such the personality. You both are just as special as Porsha Rose thank you
 Renee's Alfie/Rico enjoys his Yachting, Swimming, & Paddle Boarding!
 Hello,sending you a picture of Cookie at a sweet moment...She is our baby girl & we Love her so much..She moves @ lightning speed & she is a happy puppy..she is also in a chewing stage..lol. Thank you again for our baby! :) Donna S.
 Hi Patricia & Donny! We just wanted to share our appreciation for all the hospitality, love,and time you gave to us & Eli. Getting to know both of you gave us great peace of mind that we were getting a healthy, well-rounded puppy, as well as new friends. Eli has been such a gift to us! The training you started with him is very evident. We appreciate all the communication you had with us & the updates during the long month we waited to bring him home. He is spoiled rotten & loved so much!!! Thank you for allowing us to have one of your puppies and become part of the Yorkie family!
Lisa, Josh, and Eli :) 1/21/18
I'm so happy I found u & Donny as a Yorkie breeder u both r special & amazing people & how sweet & adorable Yorkies. I myself can't sing your Praises enough & anyone looking for Yorkie I'll b sending them your way. Barb C.
I watched a video that Patricia posted on her page. It was of our sweet, tiny baby & all of his siblings. It took me back to the day we brought him home. A new puppy is a wonderful feeling. Who doesn't love a puppy?!? Having the knowledge that you found a breeder you can trust; that can't be replaced. Patricia and Donny were there for us at the beginning, AND three years later! Four weeks ago I emailed a question to them. A minute or two later, Patricia responded. (Yes, I was very surprised. They said they were there for us ?forever.? I now know, THEY ARE!) They were the best then, they are now! If you want a Yorkshire Terrier, you won?t be disappointed with one of their babies. Karen F.